Recently, Southampton City Council commissioned architects Glenn Howells to design a £10 million development for the Former Tyrrell and Green Site on Above Bar Street in Southampton.


Located on the site of the former John Lewis Store, the new Arts Complex will serve as a city centre venue for both commercial and residential use. It will include flexible performance spaces, suites for sound dubbing and editing film and video, and approximately 600 square metres of gallery space for contemporary art, as well as a recording studio, dance studio, workshop spaces, meeting rooms, a bar, and a cafe.


Glenn Howells are a design studio based in London and Birmingham. They specialize in creating elegant, lean and appropriate projects that relate back to a specific narrative. 


For example, they not only designed, but executed the development of the London City Island which is home to numerous offices, retail and leisure facilities, including the new HQ for English National Ballet

The development of the London City Island has created 1,706 new homes. The project commenced during the 2008 recession and was completed last year, 2022.


It is safe to say that the project could not be in safer hands; and we look forward to closely following the development of the new Arts Complex.