Hamble-le-Rice, a quaint village in Hampshire nestled alongside the River Hamble, is gaining recognition for more than just its historic charm and stunning maritime backdrop. Its property market reveals an intriguing tapestry of trends in 2023, making it a must-watch for potential investors and home buyers.

A Market Overview: The Numbers at a Glance

As of July 2023:

Total Properties for Sale: 64

Recently Listed (within the last 14 days): 12

Average Asking Price: £515,213

Median Asking Price: £375,000

Average Time on Market (ToM): 164 days

Median Time on Market (ToM): 91 days


These figures show a steady rhythm in the housing market, indicating consistent interest in the region. The shorter median time on the market compared to the average also suggests that certain homes sell faster than others, possibly due to strategic locations or unique features.


Properties by Price Bracket:


  • Under £100,000: 1 property (ToM: 106 days)
  • £100,000 to £200,000: 1 property (ToM: 12 days)
  • £200,000 to £300,000: 16 properties (ToM: 268 days)
  • £300,000 to £400,000: 15 properties (ToM: 169 days)
  • £400,000 to £500,000: 10 properties (ToM: 134 days)
  • £500,000 to £1,000,000: 17 properties (ToM: 119 days)
  • Over £1,000,000: 4 properties (ToM: 22 days)
Deep Dive: Prices by Property Type and Number of Bedrooms

When looking at the various price ranges, it's clear that Hamble-le-Rice has a selection to suit all budgets:



  • Flats: Average Price: £281,828, Median: £287,500, Average ToM: 181 days
  • Terraced Houses: Average Price: £387,850, Median: £325,000, Average ToM: 233 days
  • Semi-detached Houses: Average Price: £509,493, Median: £369,950, Average ToM: 76 days
  • Detached Houses: Average Price: £760,920, Median: £600,000, Average ToM: 129 days


Additionally, properties with more bedrooms generally fetched higher prices, with five-bedroom homes having an average price of £1,415,000.

Concluding Thoughts

The figures alone don't do Hamble-le-Rice justice. Its maritime heritage, highlighted by yachts gliding down the River Hamble, and proximity to important urban centres like Southampton make it a magnet for both serenity seekers and city dwellers looking for a getaway.


Furthermore, the local amenities - from charming cafes to sailing clubs - combined with the promise of a tranquil lifestyle are undeniably factors driving the market's consistent interest.


2023 portrays Hamble-le-Rice as more than just a riverside village. It possesses a thriving housing market, a mix of history and modernity, and, most importantly, a location with limitless possibilities.


Prospective buyers and investors are encouraged to dig deeper, to walk the streets of Hamble-le-Rice, to speak with our team, and to find their next dream home or investment goldmine.