July can often be one of the hottest months of the year, so you’ll be spending a lot of time watering! Use your water butt as much as possible, and water at dusk to let the plants ejoy a good soak overnight before the sun comes out again in the morning.

    You should have an abundance of flowers, so make sure you deadhead regularly to encourage repeat blooms.

     Here’s our list of jobs to tick off your list this month.

    • Regularly deadhead roses to ensure repeat blooms
    • Feed, water and deadhead flowers in hanging baskets and containers to keep the display fresh
    • Keep hoeing borders so the weeds can take hold
    • Pick sweet peas every few days and remove seedpods to prolong flowering
    • Cut back geraniums and delphiniums after flowering for a second bloom
    • Cut flowering lavender for drying and hang in a cool place
    • Sow biennials like foxgloves and wallflowers for flowers next year
    • Pick courgettes when they’re young and nip off the growing tips to encourage branching
    • Plant autumn bulbs
    • Keep an eye out for pests like snails and aphids and remove them from plants and beds
    • Feed dahlias daily and keep well watered
    • Keep bird baths topped up in really hot weather
    • Use water butts as much as you can for watering