It’s spider season – a time when the colder temperatures are driving our eight-legged friends out from the garden and into our homes.

Most spiders are pretty harmless, but that doesn’t mean we want to get up close and personal with them while we’re brushing our teeth or watching the TV!

Open windows and doors present lots of opportunities for spiders to get into our homes, but there are plenty of ways to deter them without resorting to violence.

We’ve rounded up some simple tricks to help you sleep a little easier at night...


1 Making scents: Spiders aren’t fans of strong smells. Luckily, many of the scents they like the least are also ones that smell good around the house.

Spiders will turn their noses up at lavender, rose, peppermint and tea tree, so mix 15 drops of your chosen essential oil into a bottle of water and spritz around your rooms.

Plant mint, eucalyptus and lavender under windows.

Cinnamon and citrus aren’t popular with spiders, either, so invest in a cinnamon and citronella candles and rub citrus peel along windowsills and skirting boards to keep the critters at bay.

2 Keep things clean: Dust and hoover regularly to keep your home free of webs, and declutter so there’s nowhere for spiders to hide.


3 Going conkers: Many people swear by using conkers as a spider deterrent. Although there’s no proof it works, it certainly won’t do any harm to have a few conkers sitting in the corners and on windowsills.

They’re also in abundance at this time of year, and it’s always fun to go out and find the hidden chestnut treasures in their spiky green cases.

4 Catch it if you can: There are cruelty-free spider catching products available, including battery-operated vacuums that will gently pick up the spider and allow you to take it outside without hurting it.

You can do the same by placing a jar or cup over the spider, then sliding a piece of paper underneath. Lift the paper and jar together, then turn the right way up and release the spider outside.

5 Mind the gap: Sealing up any cracks in exterior walls will not only keep out unwanted visitors, it will also help keep your house warm. Check extra carefully around the edges of doors and windows.