From patio furniture, cushions and barbecue equipment to fallen apples, logs, bird seed, and garden tools, it seems you can never have enough garden storage – so we’ve come up with some ideas to keep your outside space clutter-free and looking its best.  

There’s no denying a garden shed is perfect for storage, but there are plenty of other options to consider. 

Storage Boxes 

A storage box will hold all your garden tools or outside seating cushions and will work well whether you have a large garden, small patio or balcony. Available in all sizes, garden storage boxes can also double up as benches or coffee tables, making them twice as useful in a small space.  

Wall storage 

Hooks and shelves are ideal for storing tools while still keeping them accessible, especially if space is limited. Ladder-style shelving holding pretty pots and plants is not only practical, but it also looks attractive too. 

Inside out 

Creative and inexpensive, upcycled household furniture can work brilliantly in the garden. Give a tired old pine chest of drawers or side table a lick of hard-wearing exterior paint, pop outside, and use for storing string, garden scissors, small tools and gardening gloves.  



Log storage 

If you have an open fire or a log burner, then a good store of wood is a must – and unless you have lots of room indoors, you’ll need to keep it somewhere dry outside. A corner of the garage or shed is fine, but there are plenty of options available to buy that are both practical and stylish, making your log store a decorative focal point in your garden or on your patio.  

Bin store 

These days, you can even hide your rubbish – after all, you don’t want to sit outside in the summer and be staring at your wheelie bins! Look for a bin store that features lifting lids which attach to the lids of your bins for easy access. 


And finally, the ubiquitous garden shed can really be anything you want it to be. A generously proportioned summer house will both store all your garden essentials and turn into a perfect entertaining area with the addition of large floor cushions and fairy lights. A smaller slimline version will fit most gardens and is still perfect for storing tools and barbecue equipment.