We have released our exclusive 360 degree live property tours - FREE to W&G clients.

Having spent 6 months investing in this new state of the art product from Giraffe 360 we can exclusively launch this amazing experience to our sellers, enabling them to enjoy the major loss of selling time due to now winter daylight hours and more importantly current additional Covid protection measures, without any detriment to the ability to sell their home. Our 360 degree tour takes place the day after you sign with us and is all handled in house by our very own professionals.


This is definitely not the widely advertised virtual viewing most agents are offering. Our 360 camera enables us to take a HD non fisheye 360-degree walk through of your home, inside and out, capturing all the detail in amazing colour and depth. A detailed interactive floor-plan makes walking through easy and interesting and enhances the property's features. Buyers enquiring to view your property are invited to take a tour with us at any time, even immediately there and then, inside or outside of normal hours, with daylight not being an issue, and with or without the requirement to delay a viewing due to arrangements needed to be made with other family member s, and in the comfort of their own home, or on the move from work for example.


Our teams are fully engaged and walk through the property together with the viewer ' live' and fully connected letting the viewer take control, looking up and down, side to side and back and fourth from multiple positions of the room. Questions can be asked, opinions gained and this will result in authentic feedback for the seller.

In our experience if the viewer is then interested enough to book a 'live viewing' they will be 75% more likely to make an immediate offer, without the normal delay. If not interested, the seller has saved their own time, cleaning the house, leaving the house for the viewing to take place and has us, their agent, able to offer 24/7 viewings of their home without any disturbance to them.