Is your dining room in need of a refresh? We’ve got some great ideas that will mean your guests never want to leave!

Table manners: Consider a round table for dining and entertaining. Circular tables give more leg room, as there’s usually only one central leg; it also makes it easier to squeeze in an extra seat when you need to. They’re better socially, too – everyone is facing the centre, so you’ll never be left out of the conversation as you might be at one end of a long rectangular table. Round tables are also easier to fit into smaller spaces, as they take up less footprint than a rectangular table of the same size – there are no sharp corners to bump into, either!

Illuminating lighting: For a touch of drama, nothing beats a sparkling chandelier or statement pendant light directly over the dining table. An overhead light also works well if your dining room is doubling up as an office. Make sure you have plenty of lamps and candles that be used as an alternative to create a softer ambience in the evenings.


Dream design: Think about how your room will be used – does it need to double as an office? Will it be used for every meal, or just high days and holidays? Once you have worked out whether you need to keep it light and bright or can afford to go for something more dramatic, create a mood board to help finalise your vision. Cut pictures out of magazines and attach paint cards and fabric samples. Perhaps take inspiration from your favourite restaurants if there are any you particularly love.

On the side: If you have space, consider a sideboard in your dining room. You can store all the glasses, plates, linen and cutlery you would use in there rather than having to carry them through from the kitchen, and the surface can be used as extra place for your wine or serving dishes. Open shelving or glass doors work better in a small space, as they won’t look dark or heavy.