Whether you’re buying from our offices in the attractive waterside village of Hamble or choosing a home near the banks of the River Itchen in Bitterne, you'll find lots of properties on our books that offer you a taste of life by the water.

And even you’re more than a stone’s throw away from the shore, you can still bring a fresh coastal vibe into your décor without going overboard on a full-on beach theme.

The beachy look is all about laid-back living. Choose comfy, casual furnishings in natural materials – think whitewashed oak, reclaimed wood, rattan, jute, wicker and seagrass.

Bring in the light with crisp whites, sea blues, navy, and soft driftwood grey. Add breezy curtains in sheer muslin, voile or soft linen and bring in pops of bright colour with stripey rugs on wooden floors and bright cushions on wicker chairs.

Don’t overdo it with the nautical accessories – you want coast not kitch! If you live near the water, comb the shore for bleached driftwood and frosted sea glass, perfect for adding a natural beach vibe to your home without turning it into a maritime museum!