Many of us found or rediscovered the joys of gardening during the long lockdowns when we were all desperate to make the most of our outside spaces.

So, with more people than ever pulling on their gardening gloves in 2022, we take a look at some of the key gardening trends this year.

1 Jewel control

The RHS Plant of the Year for 2021 was Cercis canadensis Eternal Flame, and this love for fiery reds and vibrant jewel colours will continue this year with bold shades of red, purple, orange and acid yellow blazing a trail in our borders.

2 Small but beautiful

Anyone can garden, even those with very little outside space. Container and balcony gardening was showcased at Chelsea last year, and 2022 will continue to bring us innovative ways to transform a small space – from vertical gardening to green roofs, window box wonders, and planters on wheels.


3 Really wild show

'Curated wilding’ is set to be one of the buzz words of 2022 as more of us opt for natural wildlife gardens. The focus will switch from sleek, manicured and industrial to natural planting and richly textured natural wood and stone. Hazel hurdles are one of the largest growing trends, creating an appealing natural backdrop to frame your colourful plants.

4 Picture perfect

Dahlias were BIG on Instagram in 2021, and they will continue to be the stars of the social media show in 2022. Those in the know predict the dahlia will steal the peony’s crown as the UK’s favourite flower this year. Invaluable for any garden border or container, striking dahlias keep flowering the more you pick them, and provide spectacular blooms from the middle of summer through to the first autumn frosts.

5 Home grown harvests

From vegetables and herbs to fruit trees and fruit bushes, the urge to grow our own has never been stronger. Not only is the produce organic, but it also shrinks our food miles and reduces our carbon footprint – the grow your own trend is here to stay.