Spring has traditionally always been the best time of year to sell your home, but with property searches climbing in January and February, smart vendors might want to think about getting ahead of the queue.

As we race towards this brighter season of the year, spring marks the end of the cold weather and the beginning of a move towards the warmer summer months.

With milder temperatures and brighter days, this time of year makes viewing property even more enjoyable - not to mention the fact that gardens and houses all look better in the spring sunshine!

Longer days and shorter nights also help people feel better generally. A recent survey carried out by London University found that the longer there was sunshine throughout the day, the less people suffered from stress.


White & Guard MD Jason Guard says that, as much as the good weather makes us feel better, there are other reasons why spring is a good time for house sales.

“Research has shown that longer daylight broadens people’s minds, leaving them more open for new information and creative thinking,” he says.

“With people able to spend more time making the most of outdoor activities, all the signs are there that this is certainly a time of year when we all start thinking differently – and that has a positive effect.

“Concerns of a ‘cliff-edge’ for the housing market have dissipated due to greater activity and confidence in the market across the different sectors, meaning this year has already started with positivity.

“Strong demand has been fuelled by a combination of things including, in part, help from the government enabling lenders to return to the widespread availability of five per cent deposit mortgages.

“Interest rates remain attractive and there is a general feel within the marketplace that this year is going to be good, with a very even balance between new instructions entering the marketplace and the level of sales being agreed.

“So, although spring always comes out on top as the best time to both buy and sell, this year already looks like any time isn’t too early to test the water and enter the property market with what looks to be a great year ahead.”