If you’ve never heard of an emotional escape room, read on - they’re predicted to be the top new home trend for 2022.

Coined by Pinterest, the term refers to the spare rooms or spaces in their homes that people are looking to turn into their own personal sanctuaries as an antidote to the stresses and strains we’ve faced over the past two years.

Whether they are little libraries, home massage parlours, music dens or even ‘crystal caverns’, the idea of having a somewhere at home where we can escape worry, anger or stress is increasingly appealing.

According to Pinterest, searches for music rooms, crystal rooms, library rooms and home massage rooms have all risen over recent months – with searches for meditation spaces increasing by 430 per cent.

You might not be able to spare a whole room, but even carving out a little space to settle down and read a book or lay a yoga mat might help you plan your much-needed emotional escape this year.