Amid the rolling hills and vibrant communities of Hampshire, Hedge End emerges as more than just another suburban retreat. It's a marketplace of dreams and investments, particularly in the realm of real estate. As we pivot into the latter half of 2023, Hedge End presents a compelling story told through data, reflecting the mosaic of opportunities within its borders.

Vital Numbers: An Overview

Drawing from a two-mile radius at the heart of Hedge End, up-to-date as of July 2023, the real estate landscape is captured by the following figures:

  • Total Properties for Sale: 384
  • New Listings in Last 14 Days: 43
  • Average Asking Price: £413,312
  • Median Asking Price: £400,000
  • Average Time on Market (ToM): 110 days
  • Median Time on Market (ToM): 63 days
Decoding the Price Ranges

Properties in Hedge End are dispersed across a vast spectrum of price brackets, each narrating its own tale:

  • Under £100,000: 14 properties, lingering with an average ToM of 274 days, hinting at a cautious market.
  • £100,000 to £200,000: 37 properties, staying for about 116 days.
  • £200,000 to £300,000: 51 properties, with an average ToM of 85 days.
  • £300,000 to £400,000: 105 properties, staying on the market for about 106 days.
  • £400,000 to £500,000: 83 properties, a relatively quick ToM of 96 days.
  • £500,000 to £1,000,000: A surprising 89 properties, lingering for an average ToM of 118 days.
  • Over £1,000,000: 5 properties, selling remarkably fast with an average ToM of 38 days.
Drilling Down By Bedrooms

The character of Hedge End’s property market is also defined by the number of bedrooms:

  • One-bedroom: 29 properties, averaging at £128,467, with a ToM of 200 days.
  • Two-bedrooms: 74 properties, with an average price of £274,190 and a ToM of 95 days.
  • Three-bedrooms: Dominating the scene, 137 properties average at £383,121, with a ToM of 103 days.
  • Four-bedrooms: 111 properties, averaging at £533,184, stay on the market for about 105 days.
  • Five-bedrooms: A luxury niche, with 26 properties averaging at £762,115 and a ToM of 109 days.
Property Types and Their Allure

The diversity in property types adds another layer of interest:

  • Flats: 44 in the market, averaging at £162,514, with an average ToM of 139 days.
  • Terraced: 27 listed, boasting an average price of £303,700, with a ToM of 82 days.
  • Semi-detached: Quite popular, 89 properties average at £349,523 and a ToM of 108 days.
  • Detached: The high-end segment, 196 properties command an average price of £521,757 and remain listed for about 103 days.
Properties and Time on Market Dynamics

A majority of properties, 97 in total, have been on the market for less than a month. However, 24 properties linger between six and nine months, signaling either niche demand or pricing anomalies.

Hedge End in Context

Though the spotlight is on Hedge End, a broader understanding also encompasses neighboring markets like Netley, Southampton, and Eastleigh among others. Each brings its own character, presenting a holistic landscape for potential investors and buyers.

In Hedge End’s dynamic property market, opportunities range from starter homes to luxury abodes, promising something for every wallet and whim. The narrative isn't just in numbers but also in the atmosphere of each street, the community parks, and the retail havens—making Hedge End more than a suburb, but a lifestyle.