It’s important to keep up the watering in August – especially if the forecast heatwave materialises! 

If you are able to get away on holiday this month, ask for help from family or friends to keep the garden ticking over while you are away, or invest in an automatic watering system for pots and hanging baskets.  

 Here’s our list of jobs to tick off your list in August. 


  • Deadhead flowering plants and roses regularly 

  • Prune wisteria and summer-flowering shrubs once they’ve finished flowering  

  • Feed, water and deadhead flowers in hanging baskets and containers to keep the display fresh - preferably with stored rainwater 

  • Raise the blades on your lawnmower to help the grass retain moisture and stay green 

  • Trim hedges 

  • Cut back strawberries after they finish fruiting 

  • Cut away old flowering lavender spikes to keep it nice and rounded, but avoid cutting into the old wood  

  • Compost grass clippings 

  • Keep camellias and rhododendrons watered while their flower buds are forming 

  • Prune rambling roses 

  • Plant autumn bulbs 

  • Keep bird baths topped up in really hot weather 

  • Use water butts as much as you can for watering 

  • Sow hardy annuals for early summer colour in 2022 

  • Harvest fresh herbs to freeze in ice cubes for use throughout the winter 

  • Clear weeds from drives and pathways