Country style isn’t just for rural homes – this timeless choice can work just as well in a town house or flat as it can in a cute country cottage.

The key to achieving the new modern country look is about achieving a balance between old and new, keeping things traditional but not kitsch, contemporary but not too modern and sleek.

A good country house radiates tradition and old-fashioned comfort – a deep armchair to sink into, a soft carpet, florals and chintz – but there’s no need for it to become dated and fussy.

By making just a few changes, you can bring a timeless, classic country interior style to any space.


Florals: Traditional florals immediately become more modern and interesting when used in a larger-scale print or monochrome colourway.

Colours: For a modern country look, choose light, airy colours like cream, beige, soft pink and white. This neutral backdrop works well with dark wood flooring covered with rugs. Choose accent colours of dark grey, copper, dusky rose, and sage green for your accessories.

Furniture mix: Mix and match furniture – go for a squashy white linen or cotton sofa covered with cushions and throws and add different armchairs in faded florals or neutral velvet. A roll-top bath is a luxurious feature that will give any bathroom a country feeling.

Textures: Include lots of natural materials like weathered wood furniture, chunky knits, sheepskin rugs, rattan and jute. Bring the modern country look by adding in modern touches, like sleek, metal chairs with a rustic dining table.

Plants: Potted plants and kitchen herbs are a great way to add instant warmth to a space – and artificial plants or artificial plants will work just as well. Fresh flowers also bring colour, style and fragrance to a room.


Prints: Bring the English countryside look to your home with quintessentially country prints. Think horses, foxes, chickens and hares. Pop a modern print in an ornate vintage frame for even more country style.

Panelling: Give a room a traditional appeal by covering walls in tongue-and-groove panelling – either part way or all the way up. Paint in a soft grey or taupe shade for a cosy feel or go for white to create a fresher, Scandi-style look.

Accessories: In the kitchen, forget sleek, modern fittings and think retro toasters, kettles, and fridges. Enamelled tins, copper and brass also work well.

Atmosphere: You might not have a roaring fire, but you can still get plenty of warm, cosy atmosphere by having lamps and candles lit instead of harsh overhead lighting.