It’s been three weeks since the government announced an easing of restrictions across our industry; our re-energised team have returned from furlough and we have experienced our busiest month to date.

First and foremost, a massive heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last few months, and to everyone who has been in touch recently to discuss their move with our team - we're thrilled to be able to have these conversations again, and to be working with so many of you.

In the last three weeks, visitors to our website have been up over 100% compared to this time last year, and we have had record engagement with our homes across all of our channels.

We have seen a remarkable resurgence in market activity, with 50% more new listings than during the same period last year.

We’ve launched some truly amazing homes – and have more booked in including the exciting launch of Steeplecourt Manor in Church Lane, Botley a truly unique property in the Village.


Of the market, our Head of Appraisals, Russell Webb, has said:

“Prior to lockdown the property market was experiencing a welcome rally with strong demand across the board. Fortunately, and contrary to the usual scaremongering in difficult and uncertain times, the lockdown seems to have been more a hiatus than a crash.

Unlike during the financial crisis in 2008, lenders have remained active, despite medium and long term uncertainty about the effects Covid-19 will have on the economy.

The long periods at home have undoubtedly been a catalyst for many to question their ideal surroundings and living spaces. With interest rates low, and demand high, many people are deciding that the time to make a move is now, and we’re seeing success for people who are choosing to do this.”

If you're thinking about a move and want to discuss your options with our team, please call us on 01489893946.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

The W&G Team