Considering the turbulent times we’re living through, it’s no wonder so many people are yearning for those bygone days when everything seemed so much simpler.

This sense of nostalgia is making its way into the world of interiors, where some of this year’s biggest trends are influenced by interior styles of yesteryear.

2022 is revamping décor of decades past with designs reflecting everything from the glitzy 1920s to the brightness of the 1980s.

The 70s may be the decade that taste forgot, but we are remembering those years with fondness, and they have become the go-to for today’s design inspiration.

Rattan furniture is making a major comeback, giving a natural texture and laidback look to rooms, while materials like rich velvet, bouclé, corduroy, metallics and coloured glass return in stylish statement pieces.


The famous 70s orange and brown is also back – earthy shades of burnt orange and mustard pair well with muted tones to give a subtle modern take on the classic 70s look.

Stylish graphic wallpapers are big this year, while jewel coloured glass and mushroom lamps manage to bring the chic without the ick. 

There are some things that should remain firmly in the past, however – we can’t see avocado bathrooms coming back any time soon...we’ll stick to it on toast!