From familiar autumnal earthy tones to surprising pops of vivid colour, design experts are predicting a palette of comforting shades will be the norm in our homes this autumn - with stand-out accents to add some much-needed vitality. 

After so many months of worry and uncertainty, comfort colours are top of the list for home owners looking to redecorate for autumn and winter.  

Green is definitely the new grey. It's everywhere: from olive kitchens to minty fresh bathrooms, this is the new go-to colour for our homes. After so long staring at our own four walls, it’s not surprising we’re turning to a shade that’s synonymous with nature and the outdoors.  

Another key colour for creating cosy, reassuring spaces is – wait for it – beige. Yes, we know, it has had a slight whiff of boredom about it in the past, but the beige interior trend is becoming the chic choice for those wanting a calm, neutral environment without reaching for the ubiquitous tin of grey paint.  


Warm colour schemes in off-whites, champagnes, and soft peachy tans create sophisticated spaces that bring a sense of peace to a busy home.  

Of course, the more familiar autumnal tones aren’t going anywhere. Nothing says warm and cosy quite like a burnt orange or rich plum – they add a luxurious finish to an interior and, paired with soft lighting, lots of cushions and plush throws, are the perfect backdrop to cosy autumnal nights in by the fire.  

While many of the season’s trends are pared back, experts also predict we’ll be using more accent colours to pick out feature walls and architectural details. Pops of colour like vibrant pink or turquoise add personality to a space without taking over and can be an unexpected delight.