Choosing the right paint can go a long way to help make your house the home you want it to be. 

It's also a brilliant and simple way to update your decor and give the room of your choice a new lease of life. 

Whether your house is flooded with light or filled with cosy corners, the way we use paint can completely change the way we see a space. 

While cool shades of blue and grey can help make spaces feel light and airy, warmer tones can make a large room more intimate and cosy. 


The quality of light in a room will vary depending on the direction it’s coming from. It’s a good idea to pop a sample on each wall of your room to see how it changes when the light hits it at different times of day.  

North facing rooms won’t get as much sun, so consider warm tones with cream, yellow or pink undertones. You can even take the darkness and run with it, opting for an on-trend charcoal or deep red. This works particularly well in dining rooms – think flickering candles against dark walls for dramatic supper parties.  

East facing rooms are brighter in the mornings. Cool, neutral tones will reflect brilliant sun and remain light as the sunshine fades, while strong colour will really come to life and stay warm all day.  

In a west facing space, the colours you choose will have the same effect as in rooms facing east, but at opposite ends of the day.  


South facing rooms have the benefit of light all day long, so consider cool tones to make the most of the natural light and keep the space feeling bright and airy. You can also opt for a darker shade than you might normally choose, as it will be lifted by the brilliant light.  

Don’t forget paint is a backdrop to your furniture. If you like bold colours in your soft furnishings, neutral walls in shades of white and grey will allow bright cushions and rugs to really sing.  

The type of property you have is also a factor. Period properties love heritage colours and choosing the right shade can really enhance a room’s architectural features. Victorian houses with high ceilings can take deep, dramatic colours, where neutral shades of white, grey and even black will work well in a modern apartment.  

Paint finish should also be considered – do you want the soft chalkiness of eggshell, or the sheen of silk and satin? Matt paint will soak up light, and gloss is a great contrast, reflecting light and working well on woodwork.