When you're considering a room scheme, it’s all too easy to focus on the furniture and your chosen wall paint or paper, but the way you dress your windows can be key to bringing a look together. 

Whatever way you choose to frame your window will also dictate how much light you let in, so consider the mood you want your room to have.  

From luxurious bespoke drapes to stylish shutters and on-trend decorative films, we’ve come up with some inspirational window dressing ideas.  



There are so many different styles of curtains, from eyelet or tab top headings that work well in relaxed room schemes, to more formal pinch or goblet pleats, or a flop over frill for a soft country style. Using a pole that’s wider than your window will give the illusion that your window is bigger than it really is and allow you to pull the curtains right back without blocking the light. Highlight tall windows in period properties with extra-long curtains that pool on the floor for an elegant, luxurious look, and opt for heavy fabric and a thermal lining for colder rooms and extra cosiness.Tweed, suede and velvet will help keep a room warm, and cool cottons, linens and sheer fabrics will work well in hot, sunny spaces. 




Net curtains used to be the window dressing of choice for those who wanted to let the light in and keep the neighbours out! These days, delicate voiles and sheer panels do the same job and are the perfect choice for a vintage-inspired interior. A voile fabric in a pretty print also works well as a café curtain in a kitchen, letting in plenty of light but giving that extra bit of privacy.  





Blinds are the smart choice for those who prefer a clean, unfussy look. They’re also a great option when there is less space around a window, or for rooms that front on to a street. Stylish Venetian blinds are available in metal, plastic and wood, and work well in kitchens and bathrooms as they can be tilted for extra privacy and are easy to wipe clean. Roller and Roman blinds are perfect for conservatories, as several blinds in one room can be opened at different heights depending on when the sun hits the room.  




When you want to make a statement, shutters are a stylish alternative to curtains or blinds and have a continental feel. They can be made to measure to fit your windows, and come in many different materials, styles and colours. 




Window film  

For extra privacy without elaborate curtains and blinds, window film is both attractive and affordable. There are lots of designs to choose from, whether you want a solid frosted glass look, a traditional or contemporary pattern, or your own bespoke design. Some companies will install the film for you, but it does come with detailed instructions and you can save money by doing it yourself. 




Curtains and blinds with a blackout lining are ideal when you want to keep light from pouring into a bedroom. They’re particularly good for young children’s bedrooms – anything to help you get an extra hour’s sleep!