Going on holiday and staying in luxury hotel suites? Here’s how to get the look in your bedroom at home.

The best hotel rooms put you instantly at ease.

No dirty laundry, no old mugs on the dresser, crisp, clean sheets, plump pillows, fluffy towels and great bedside lighting.

There’s no reason we can’t embrace that feeling of comfort and luxury in our own bedrooms – so here are five ways to enhance your own suite dreams at home.


Bedding: This can make a huge difference to the way you sleep – is there anything better than a super squishy duvet encased in perfectly crisp cotton or luxury soft linen? Buy the best thread count you can afford – after all, we spend more time up close and personal with our bed sheets than anything else in the house, so investing in the best will really pay off. Your bedding will also impact the look of your room. For that sophisticated hotel feel, go for crisp white with a border for impact, and accessorise with a throw and cushions in earthy, neutral tones.

Lighting: Use moody, soft lighting to set the atmosphere and put lamps beside or above each side of the bed for good reading light.

Accessories: Hotel suites aren’t cluttered, so keep accessories simple and elegant and add a vase of your favourite flowers for beauty and scent. Fragranced candles are also great for adding atmosphere. If you have stripped wooden floors, cover with a plush rug for style and luxurious softness under foot.

Housekeeping: Staying in a good hotel means never coming home to an unmade bed or cold, unfinished cups of tea. Make your bed and clear the sides as soon as you get up – it gets it out of the way and means that at bedtime, you’ll be walking into a room that makes you go ‘ahhhhhh’, instead of ‘urgggggh’!

Mirrors: Your room might not be as roomy as a luxury hotel suite, but strategically placed mirrors will reflect light to make your space feel airier and larger.