Light a candle, pull up a chair, wrap yourself in a throw, and prepare to find out a little bit more about mys – the Swedish equivalent of the Danish hygge.  

While hygge has become the – often mispronounced – word for all things warm and comforting, mys (pronounced mees) relates more to your surroundings and being close to people. It’s about taking time to slow down, relax, eat good food, and celebrate the cosiness of winter as a time to step back and recalibrate.  

The term fredagsmys, which translates as ‘cosy Fridays’, is an important part of the Swedish lifestyle. Instead of going out for a night on the town, fredagsmys is a time of relaxation – meeting friends at home, eating tacos, chatting, and listening to music.  


Families watch films or TV entertainment shows curled up under warm blankets, and glowing candles are essential to see the Swedes through the long, dark winter. 

With the clocks going back and our English evenings are drawing in, we’re here to help you create your own cosy corner where you can max up the mys and celebrate all the warm, comforting things winter can bring. 


1 - A soft touch  

Pile your cosy corner with super-soft throws, lots of cushions and a sheepskin rug.  


2 - Glow for it 

Keep the lights low with a lamp or flickering candles and light the fire if you have one. 


3 - Naturally cosy 

Bring in natural textures like soft linen or chunky wool knits. A little wooden coffee table is perfect for a comforting snack and a steaming mug of hot chocolate.  


4 - Book yourself a break 

Keep a pile of your favourite books or magazines to hand. Sometimes it’s nice to put down your smartphone, turn off the television, pick up a book and read to the sound of a ticking clock.  


5 - Go green 

Lots of plants will breathe life into your home – and your cosy corner.  


Finally, don’t forget the Swede’s preference for that all-important comfort food. The perfect excuse to bake your favourite cake and retire to contemplate the essence of mys – and not just on a Friday night.