Carpets are enjoying a comeback - and no, we aren’t talking 70s shagpile or eccentric patterns!

Floorboards and wood-effect flooring has been on trend for years, but now the mood is shifting towards softness and warmth.

So, which carpet suits you?

Naturally beautiful: With interior design trends focusing on natural and sustainable materials, we’re seeing more demand for chic flooring like jute, sisal and seagrass. 

A wall-to-wall natural fibre carpet is stunning and hardwearing, and looks great with colourful rugs layered on top.

Be careful though – water will stain, so clean any marks with a dry powder. If you want to get the look on high-traffic areas like a hallway or staircase, consider one of the excellent synthetic alternatives, that will still look the part but can be wiped clean.


Talking texture: We might not be seeing a return to shag pile any time soon, but there are more stylish ways you can bring texture into a room. Choose a thick, high pile carpet with large loops to add interest. Layer textures – go for a marble table on a soft wool carpet.

Blurred lines: Match your floor and your walls to enhance the warm, cocooning effect a carpet brings. By carrying your wall colour down to your carpet, it blurs the edges of the room giving the allusion of more space. Choose soft colours for calmness and add interest with brighter tones in the furniture and accessories.

Pattern play: It might be asking a bit much to take bold colours and patterns all the way through a room, but don’t be afraid of using pattern in small doses – start by trying a patterned carpet somewhere it can be changed relatively easily, like the staircase.