Design takes on a softer edge for 2022, with curves popping up everywhere in architecture, furniture, and interior design.  

We’ve had a tough few years, so it’s no wonder we’re starting to move away from straight, hard lines in favour of something a little more forgiving and welcoming.  

Curves create softness in a design scheme, and softly rounded edges to furniture and accessories invite relaxation and comfort – and no sharp corners to bang your knees on, either!  

Architects are rediscovering their love of arches, and furniture designers are giving us positively plump sofas and armchairs – British Vogue has dubbed it “puffy furniture”. 

We’re not only seeing curves in our seating; you’ll also find curved kitchen islands, oval dining tables, arched mirrors and round rugs.  

So why not go with the flow and introduce some softer shapes into your design scheme for 2022? It’s good for relaxation and harmony – not to mention your knees!