As the world has changed to meet the challenges of the Covid pandemic, so architecture and interior design has adapted to suit our new desire to live simpler lives and reconnect with the natural world.

Creating light, calm spaces filled with natural, sustainable materials reflects both our greater environmental awareness and a need to get back in tune with life.

The trend for open living gives us larger spaces in which to gather and incorporating picture windows maximises the use of natural sunlight.


Incorporating nature into a design scheme with botanical elements and outdoor materials blurs the lines between home and garden and brings natural energy, texture and warmth.

The best designs of 2021 have made use of botanical fabrics and papers, houseplants, walls of faux foliage, wicker, rattan, jute and linen, with floors and walls in natural slate, stone, and wood.

Smart tech that makes homes more eco-friendly has also been a big trend for 2021, with gadgets connected to smart phones soaring in popularity.