Baby is on the way – but do you have the nursery ready yet?

Designing your child’s bedroom is a super exciting time, and we’re here to help point you in the right direction, with stylish ideas that will grow with your child.

1 Colour: It’s easy to think pink for girl, blue for boy, yellow if it’s a surprise. But keeping your nursery gender neutral will give you more options. Over the past few years, research has shown that the top three colour choices for nurseries have been white, neutral and monochrome, with bright pops of colour used in accessories that can be switched out as tastes change. Keeping things neutral will also allow you to choose a colour that will work in the room – warmer shades for north or east rooms, light colours to make a small room appear bigger. Don’t forget pale shades will mark easily, so make sure the paint you choose is wipeable! Chalkboard paint will also be a huge hit as your baby grows into a toddler – keep it to a noticeboard sized area or go for it and cover a whole wall.

2 Theme: Whether you choose rainbows, animals, silver stars or monochrome stripes, you can add big character to a small space. Keeping themed wallpaper to one wall will make the room feel less crowded, or opt for wall stickers that are easy to remove once your child has outgrown the design.

3 Flooring: Carpet is warm and soft and will cushion falls, but wood or laminate is more forgiving for accidents and spills and can be softened with a bright rug. Add underlay or grips to prevent it from slipping.


4 Windows: Think practically when it comes to window dressings. Muslin or lace looks lovely, but light mornings don’t encourage lie-ins! Solid shutters are stylish and very effective at keeping light out or opt for blackout blinds or curtains with a blackout lining. 

5 Space: Measure your room before you buy furniture and plan where everything will go. You’ll need to factor in the crib/bed area, a dresser or changing table, and a nursing space where you can put a rocker or comfortable armchair. If you’re short on space, maximise storage with wall shelves and storage boxes under the cot or changing table. Baskets for toys will help you clear the clutter off the floor but still keep everything handy.

6 Lighting: Overhead lighting is useful and can add interest with an attractive cut-out pendant shade that will throw interesting shadows across the walls. A nightlight gives a comforting glow for babies and very young children, and also allows you to move around the room more easily without waking them. Keep a lamp by the bed for bedside stories and choose fairy lights or colourful LED strips to add a little panache – just make sure they are well out of reach!