From a colour palette inspired by nature to houseplants, natural materials and ‘Japandi’ style minimalism, the trends in home décor this season see a focus on sustainable interiors and reconnecting with the essentials.  

So if you’re looking to redecorate this autumn, take inspiration from these top five interior design trends. 

1 Slow deco: This interior decoration trend promises a home filled with peace and harmony by getting rid of the unnecessary and focusing on simple essentials. Choose natural materials that connect with life - think cotton, linen, wicker, wood, sisal and bamboo. Keep your colour palette relaxing, with neutral tones like soft beige or warm white for larger surfaces, and furniture with accents of colour like burnt orange, gold and green. Reusing and recycling are also key. Channel your creativity by upcycling an old piece of furniture to give it a new lease of life. 

2 Texture: Make your home cosy and inviting this autumn by choosing accessories in soft fabrics and natural fibres. Curly wool – or boucle - is an integral part of this trend – soft and tactile, this sheep’s wool effect can be seen in ‘teddy bear’ sofas and armchairs, rugs, cushions and throws.  


3 Nature: The importance of reconnecting with nature has been highlighted throughout the pandemic, and is a vital part of this season’s home design. Look for furniture and accessories that will bring the outside in, whether through pattern, colour, material or organic shapes.  

4 Wall murals: Google searches for panoramic mural wallpaper have risen by more than 300 per cent over the past year. A creative way to make our rooms feel larger, giant wall murals also allow us to escape the confines of our homes, with landscape panoramas of atmospheric forests, sandy shores sophisticated cityscapes and distant mountains transporting us to places we still aren’t able to visit in person.  

5 Green: This year’s home décor has been all about reconnecting with nature, and green continues to top the list for the most on-trend shade in interior design. From pale mint to deep forest, green works in every room in the house, but it’s green kitchens that have really taken off, with instagram full of beautiful images of sophisticated green cabinetry. A dark green kitchen island with brass hardware will make a dramatic style statement, but if you don’t fancy going the whole hog, try soft sage walls or a fresh green glass splashback.