Our homes should be a sanctuary but, all too often, clutter and unfinished jobs can cause anxiety and stress. 

As April is Stress Awareness Month - which aims to increase public awareness about our modern stress epidemic - now would be a good time to try to tackle some of those problem areas that make it difficult for you to unwind and really relax in your home.  

By organising your life – having a place to keep your bills, store your recycling or even hang your keys – you'll feel less frazzled and more efficient.  

Decluttering your living space will give you more time; keeping up with the housework in an untidy home takes longer, and it’s much easier to lose things which you then must spend time hunting down! 

So here are some super simple tips on making your home a stress-free zone:  


1 Start at the beginning 

Clutter is super destructive to a home and its occupants, especially when it overwhelms from the moment you walk in the door. Rely on smart storage (boot racks, coat hooks or cupboards, key hooks) to keep your hallway neat and tidy. 

2 Toss or fix broken furniture

Looking at something that is broken is irritating and depressing. If something can’t be mended, throw it away – you probably aren’t using it anyway! 

3 Repaint

Tired walls covered in splash marks, fingerprints and grease? If wiping down doesn’t work, a lick of paint will work wonders, leaving both the walls – and you – feeling clean and refreshed.   


4 Maximise natural light

A home filled with light will lift the spirits. Make sure windows are clean, curtains pulled back or blinds raised, and hang mirrors to reflect more light, a peaceful view, or an expansive part of the room. 

5 Keep the kitchen table spotless

The kitchen table represents family and love: you want people to crowd around it and feel welcome. Keep it clear and clean and set up a separate workspace for the kids to do homework and craft projects. 

6 A neat end 

Make the effort to put things away at the end of the day so you come down in the morning to a tidy space. Pile scattered toys into baskets or trunks, tidy sofas by plumping squashed cushions, and load any late-night mugs or plates into the dishwasher so the kitchen surfaces and tables are clear.