The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the benefits of being outside whenever we can – the healing and restorative power of nature has never been more important. 

Connecting with nature is vital for our health and mental wellbeing, and a nature-based interiors trend that has been the hit of 2021 shows us how to bring the outside in to create natural, harmonious spaces.  

Biophilic design creates environments inspired by nature by using everything from banana leaf wallpaper to calming green colour schemes, natural materials and textures to harness all the restorative powers of nature in our own homes. 

Here are five ways to improve your connection to the outside world and reduce stress.  


  • Use natural materials wherever possible, whether that be wood, leather, cotton, seagrass, bamboo or stone. Wood adds texture and warmth to floors, walls or furniture; natural rock or brick walls create a gorgeous backdrop.  

  • Consider organic bedding. Organic cotton is cultivated using environmentally friendly methods. It has been grown without pesticides and doesn’t contain any genetically engineered substances or synthetic chemicals. They’re hypoallergenic, naturally soft, very durable, and good for the planet.  

  • Use natural light as a design element – it will make any room come alive. Keep windows clean, raise the blinds and pull back curtains. As well as helping you feel healthy and uplifted, it will also do wonders for your interior design!  

  • Biophilic design advocates green in all its forms, whether that’s soft furnishings, plants or paint. Fill your home with greenery, from pot plants to flowers and herbs on the kitchen windowsill, and opt for a varied green colour palette, from fresh and vibrant to soft and calming.  

  • Mimic the natural shapes found in nature when choosing patterned fabrics and furniture. Look for waves, scalloped edges, and leaf motifs.