Pinterest has predicted that rain harvesting – collecting rainwater in order to be more eco-friendly - will be one of the biggest gardening trends for 2023.

According to the social media platform's Pinterest Predicts report, searches for ‘rainwater harvesting architecture’ were up 155 per cent at the end of 2022, with searches for ‘rain barrels ideas’ surging by 100 per cent.

According to research, a rainwater harvesting system can reduce mains water usage by up to 50 per cent – all you have to do is collect rainwater in a water butt or rain barrel and then use it to wash your car, water plants, or fill ponds.

Rainwater can also be used inside the home for cleaning, toilet flushing and washing clothes.


Water butts and rain barrels come in a range of materials, colours and sizes, and are designed to capture up to 350 litres of rainwater.

Most water butts can be placed on the ground in the corner of a garden, but those with small gardens or yards may benefit from one that mounts on a wall to reduce the space it takes up. You can also run guttering along a shed roof into a water butt to harvest rainwater more efficiently.

Plastic water butts are often cheaper than steel – look for recycled plastic for an environmentally friendly option.

Pinterest also predicts householders will look for natural, sustainable gardening additions like rock drainage or drought-tolerant planting throughout 2023.