Spending more time at home over the past year and a half has seen an increasing preference for open plan design, which helps make our living space more sociable and inclusive. 

During the pandemic, our homes have had to become offices, gyms and classrooms, as well as places where we spend quality time as families. 

Open plan living is a great way to create generous space, and it needn’t mean compromising on style.  

Clever use of paint can divide a large space into zones, sectioning off a home office from a living room or a kitchen from a dining space without having to use dividing walls or doors.  


Rooms linked by archways can also be made to feel like one larger area by carrying the same wall colour and flooring right through and theming the accessories in both spaces.    

If going totally open plan is too big a step, a sliding door will give you the flexibility to close off a space when you need to. Leaving a central column or partial dividing wall will also separate one end of a room from another, giving you extra space for furniture, storage or art without closing the room off completely.  

Open plan living can also extend to the outdoors. Floor to ceiling windows or sliding doors leading directly onto a patio or garden will not only flood your room with natural light, it will also help a space feel larger than it is and bring the outdoors in.